• Grocery Stores

    Here are 15 techniques that large grocery stores use to completely manipulate you.

    Surely more than once and twice it has happened to you that when you go shopping list for a couple of things at the grocery supermarket or a large grocery stores in the end you have ended up buying more than you wanted at first and what it meant a few euros of Expenses have ended up becoming a pantry larger than expected.

    It is amazing that customer provides his valuable opinion by giving feedback on official website based on customer service and shopping experience that a consumer spend every year on our purchases at large food supermarket, not sure why Krogerfeedback is most common customer satisfaction survey by the retail store after the shopping list of customer is completed . How do we get to earn bonus fuel points ?

    These 15 incredible "confessions" of the large grocery stores will show you various ways of handling to get customers to spend more money on the establishment than they planned.

    1. The pairs of products together and visible.

    Taking some bags of potatoes on grocery stores? Sounds good. But why don't you buy some salsa, too?

    2. The useful space is maximized.

    Retailers pay a lot of money to have food placed at eye level. In addition, certain food for children is consciously placed on the platform to match the height of the little ones.

    3. Manipulation of grocery stores disposition.

    Basic foods such as milk or bread are placed in random places, which forces customers to look at a lot of other products before they can find the basic product they came for.

    4. Reward programs that increase your expenses.

    Consciously coupons or "bonuses" are offered for just one item more than necessary.

    5. Misleading offers.

    It is known as the "price anchor," simply because half of something does not mean that they ever intended to sell it at full price. Do not forget, "Buy one and get another half", this really is only 25 percent off each.

    6. Do you want to listen to that song again at grocery stores?

    Slow music is used in order that we want to take a walk in the kroger store, take your time and spend more money

    7. Freshly baked sales, that is, smells.

    The chances of at least buying a baked product are high. Or worse, suddenly this can cause you a big appetite and therefore buy more food to get fuel points.

    8. Vegetables with lots of water.

    When carrying a lot of water, vegetables will weigh more on the scale, so they will be more expensive. That aside they will rot too.

    Giant shopping carts.

    As evidence in investigations, the size of shopping list in supermarkets doubled. Which list of products was the result? Consumers buy 19% more items.

    Lanes in the payment area.

    Waiting in that long queue of people to pay deserves a reward, right? The warehousemen think so.

    Now that we have this knowledge, we may all be able to save some money on our next trip to a large grocery stores.